Equipped to Do More: The Vermeer Chaplaincy Program

“Our chaplaincy program exists to come alongside folks. People deal with real-life issues every day at work and outside of work, and if we can provide this service—sometimes it’s just a listening ear, or maybe suggesting a possible avenue to pursue—it really helps us further our people-centered focus.”

+ Mary Vermeer Andringa, chair of the board of the Vermeer Corporation and a Fuller trustee. Stretching over a mile in Pella, Iowa, Vermeer’s manufacturing plant builds farm equipment for people around the world. With over 2,500 people working on “the Vermeer Mile,” the company’s leadership decided to create a chaplaincy program to help their employees. Mary, along with Vermeer’s three full-time chaplains, reflect on the early days of the program, the intersection of faith and work, and this important “ministry of presence.” The Vermeer team was interviewed by Scott Cormode, Hugh De Pree Professor of Leadership Development. Learn more about faith and work at the Max De Pree Center for Leadership.

Mary Vermeer Andringa, chair of the Vermeer Corporation board, and the chaplain team recount the development of Vermeer’s chaplaincy program and offer specific steps for companies interested in establishing their own.

Vermeer’s chaplain team reflect on the daily work of a chaplain at the Vermeer Corporation.

+ Ming Lovan, machining specialist at Vermeer Corporation, reflects on the ways the company’s chaplaincy program supported his family in a time of crisis.

The Vermeer chaplain team discuss the importance of trust and developing strong boundaries with the Vermeer company to protect the confidentiality of over 2,500 employees.

The Vermeer chaplains reflect on navigating religious and cultural differences as Christians in the workplace.