063 RS Podcast Tarkovsky, Part 3, Mirror

We all have cinematic blindspots, films we haven’t seen that are famous and that have influenced so much of the cinema we love. Reel Spirituality Podcast regulars, Matthew Aughtry, A.C. Neel, Jonathan Stoner and host Elijah Davidson decided to correct at least one of those blindspots together.

On this and the preceding two Reel Spiritualty Podcasts, we’re focusing on the films of Andrei Tarkovsky. On this third episode, we watch and then immediately discuss Tarkovsky’s Mirror, a cryptic, surreal, disturbing, and beautiful journey into Tarkovsky’s memories of his life. Maybe. Mirror is a mysterious film that influenced greatly the generation of filmmakers that followed him including, most notably, Terrence Malick and his Tree of Life.

The first episode in this series focuses on Stalker, and the second episode focuses on Andrei Rublev. We encourage you to watch the films beforehand, preferably with others, and then discuss them together afterwards. The discussion often proves as enlightening and formative as the films themselves.

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