047 RS Podcast The Holy Triple Header

Billy Chapel takes the mound tonight for the Detroit Tigers. Chapel is known to be a deliberate pitcher, as if he’s weighing the meaning of life between every pitch. It looks to be a long night, folks.

Behind the plate is minor league all-star Crash Davis. Crash is a heck of a catcher known for mentoring young bucks into maturity. He hold the minor league record for home runs hit in a career, and he’s making his firt Major League start tonight. Hopefully, he can kick BIlly Chapel into action. Crash is known also for his ability to turn a phrase. I know I’d sure love to be out on that mound tonight for any pitcher-catcher conferences that have to happen.

First up to bat tonight for the Iowa Ghosts–an up-start team out of Dyersville, Iowa–is Ray Kinsella. The Ghosts made headlines last year for filling their roster with a bunch of aged former greats and a few true rookies who apparently hadn’t played baseball since they were teenagers. They got a lot of heart though, and there’s just something kind of magical about the way they play…

This week on the Reel Spirituality Podcast, we’ve bought a couple of bleecher seats for the holy triple header of baseball movies – Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, and For Love of the Game. The common thread of course is star Kevin Costner, and we chose these films in honor of the beginning of the 2014 Major League Baseball season. (For the record, the Dodgers play the Diamondbacks in Sydney, Australia, March 22-23, and the offical Opening Day is March 31, 2014.)

So, grab some peanuts and cracker jacks, apply your sunscreen, and settle in.

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