RS Podcast 021 – The Phantom Carriage

“Every New Year’s Eve, as the clock hands approach midnight, souls best beware, for the last person to let loose of life each year is bound to a year of service as Death’s carriage driver.”

Or so goes the legend at the center of the 1921 horror film, The Phantom Carraige, the Swedish masterpiece that was a precurser to the films of both Ingmar Bergman and Stanley Kubrick. In the film, a man dies and Death’s carraige driver gives him a tour of his life, confronting him with his sins, and leading him to a place of repentence, making it a perfect film to discuss on the Reel Spirituality Podcast.

If you have never seen the film, you may watch it for free at the Internet Archive. We encourage you to do so either before or after listening to our spoiler-free podcast.

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