More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Soong-Chan Rah

Biblical Justice and Biblical Evangelism

Soong-Chan Rah examines how the intersection of evangelism and justice creates a counternarrative to the systemic forces of individualism, triumphalism, and consumerism.

Rick Warren, Mark Labberton, and the Conversing logo

A Life of Ministry, with Rick Warren

Rick Warren shares about his many years of ministry—from the beginnings of Saddleback Church to his current work of participating in the Great Commission—and about what he’s learned of leadership, church, and God along the way.

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A New Kind of Christianity | Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren speaks about the development and content of his 2010 book A New Kind of Christianity, reflecting on the opportunities for Christian transformation in the mid-2000s.

Mark Labberton and Dante Stewart and the Conversing Logo

Black Life and Legacy, with Danté Stewart

Danté Stewart shares about his family’s visit to The Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, and about the sacred experience of knowing the whole story of Black life in the United States.

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When Faith and Politics Collide | Jim Wallis

Drawing from his 2008 book The Great Awakening, Jim Wallis preaches on the relationship between the American evangelical church and politics in the early 2000s.

Becky Pippert

The Beauty of the Gospel, with Becky Pippert

Becky Pippert reflects on her own journey of faith, on the loving ways Jesus draws people to himself, and on how we might share the Good News of God’s love with others.

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Our Embodied Flesh | Daniel D. Lee

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Grace and the Reframing of Reality | Mark Labberton

Portrait of Fuller Seminary student Jongjin Park

The Fruits of Egypt

Screenshot from Dungeons and Dragons

Speaking the Language of Games


Witnessing, Learning, Cooperating: Fuller’s Commitment to Civil Dialogue


Conversion and the Mutually Transformative Power of Dialogue

Portrait of Fuller Seminary alum Carrie Graham

Who to Call Crazy? A Personal Experience with Interfaith Dialogue