Children at Risk

More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Tom Boyce

Childhood Development, with W. Thomas Boyce

W. Thomas Boyce discusses new research on sensitivity and resilience in childhood development and talks about how learning to see our children well helps them flourish and thrive.

people climbing illustration

Ecclesial Families as Protective and Healing Communities for Children at Risk: Lessons from the Letter to Philemon

Cara Pfeiffer, PhD in Intercultural Studies student, draws from the book of Philemon and outlines ways the church can be a healing community for children at risk.

Beth Moore

Finding Hope after Abuse, with Beth Moore

Beth Moore shares her story of childhood abuse and about finding refuge in the Scriptures, the church, and the love of Jesus.

Isolation by Denise Klitsie for Young People

Revisiting Our Response to Children Suffering Globally

Belonging by Klitsie

Restoring Belonging Among “the Least of These”

Bethany Hoang Headshot

Bethany Hoang: A Conversation on Human Trafficking