+Death and Resurrection,” portraying the night before and the morning of the resurrection of Jesus, marks the beginning of the season of Eastertide. The scriptures are drawn from Matthew 27-28, John 19, and 1 Corinthians 15. It was filmed by FULLER studio at Paymaster Landing in Imperial County, California. The audio for this video is in French, and the subtitles are in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Koreana poetic way to represent the primary tongues of our community. For FULLER studio: Lauralee Farrer, director; Ron Allchin, producer; Nate Harrison, director of photography; Timothy Kay, cinematographer; Patrick O’Neil Duff, editor; Simon Castagna, narration; OX Creative, titles.

The liturgical calendar spans the life of Christ in a single yearfrom anticipation (Advent), to hope (Christmas), to transcendence (Epiphany), to lament (Lent), to redemption (Easter), to the birth of the church (Pentecost), and through long, numbered days (Ordinary Time) back to Advent. The liturgical meditation series to which this video belongs relies on nature to tell the story of God, accompanied by scriptures traditional to each season.

(c) 2017 FULLER studio

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’죽음과 부활’은 ‘예배 묵상(Liturgical Meditations)’ 시리즈의 첫 번째 단편 영상입니다. 새롭게 시작된 ‘예배 묵상’ 시리즈에서는 앞으로 일 년간 교회력의 각 절기에 맞춰 묵상을 돕는 영상이 공개될 예정입니다. 캘리포니아의 자연 경관을 담은 이 첫 번째 영상은 기나긴 밤을 지나 부활의 새벽을 맞이하는 그리스도의 뒤를 좇습니다. 본 묵상 영상은 개인, 교회, 공동체가 무료로 사용하실 수 있습니다.

“Muerte y Resurrección” es el primer cortometraje en las Meditaciones Litúrgicas, una nueva serie de un año que ofrece meditaciones en vídeo para cada temporada del calendario eclesiástico. Usando las imágenes naturales del paisaje de California, este primer vídeo explora la resurrección de Cristo por medio de una larga noche hasta el amanecer. Ofrecemos esta meditación visual como un recurso gratuito para usted, su iglesia y su comunidad.