Johnny Ramírez-Johnson

Theology Author

Johnny Ramírez-Johnson’s wide-ranging education began in Puerto Rico with a bachelor’s in theology, a minor in biblical languages, and a master’s in Hebrew Scriptures and archaeology from Andrews University (Michigan), later complemented with a year’s fellowship at the Semitic Museum at Harvard University. This formative study equips him to bring the culture of biblical times into an understanding of Scripture as the basis for Christian mission relevant in a multicultural context. He describes himself as a practical theologian working at the intersection of the social sciences and theology.

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“Justice ought to begin at home, but it does not stay there because you cannot keep the fourth commandment in a cave. You can keep the Sabbath as long as you are in relationships. God’s command to keep the Sabbath reminds us of the irreducible, inscrutable, and relational nature of God’s demand on Christians and the worldan ecological community with a Christian oikos that creation-driven Sabbath rest demands of Christianity.”

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