John L. Thompson

Portrait of Fuller Seminary professor John L. Thompson

Theology Author

John L. Thompson has taught historical theology at Fuller since 1989, currently as the Gaylen and Susan Byker Professor of Reformed Theology. A specialist in the writings of John Calvin, he has focused especially on how the history of interpretation serves as a resource for the proclamation of the gospel.

Gender issues have been central to his writing: his dissertation was published as John Calvin and the Daughters of Sarah (1992); a study of the “texts of terror” in Jewish and Christian tradition appeared as Writing the Wrongs: Women of the Old Testament among Biblical Commentators from Philo through the Reformation (2001); and gender and the history of biblical inter-pretation informed large parts of Reading the Bible with the Dead: What You Can Learn from the History of Exegesis That You Can’t Learn from Exegesis Alone (2007).

Among his many essays and reviews is a study of Paul and women in the Brill Companion to Paul in the Reformation. A shorter account of Calvin and women appeared in Calvin: Myth and Reality, while his other essays have addressed polygamy, incest, and circumcision. Most recently, he edited a volume of The Reformation Commentary on Scripture (on Genesis 1–11), a project that led to his current work on the unpublished scripture poems of Anna Maria van Schurman, the learnéd Dutch writer of the 17th century.

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