Muslim-Christian Relations: Interfaith Education in Seminary

This is the first in a series of three videos on Muslim-Christian Relations in the US produced by Fuller Theological Seminary and the Luce Foundation. This video was made in cooperation with Bayan Islamic Graduate School.

This first installment is based on an encounter between approximately 15 Fuller and 15 Bayan students in February 2020. Held on the Claremont campus it convened a cross-section of each institution’s staff, faculty and students in discussions surrounding the theme of Islamophobia. Reflections from participants concentrate on their cultural-religious autobiographies, investigating the motivations for pursuing theological education in their respective institutions. It also highlights the student’s experiences and perceptions of one another and the importance of studying religions other than one’s own in seminary. Reflections from President Mark Labberton and President Jihad Turk offer insights into the fruitfulness that these kinds of exchanges can bear.

Originally published

February 11, 2022

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