This week on Centering, the Asian American Christian podcast, Dr. Daniel D Lee and Dr. Alexander Jun talk about sin, supremacy, and salvation.
In the face of systems that harm and hurt God’s creation, how can Asian American Christians receive and share in a holistic salvation?
Centering is produced by Jason Chu, engineered by Alexander Catedral, with music by Mark Redito

Originally published

October 22, 2021

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Dr. Daniel D. Lee

Daniel D. Lee

Academic Dean of the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary; Assistant Professor of Theology and Asian American Studies.

In 2020, Daniel D. Lee was named academic dean for Fuller’s Asian American Center, where he served as assistant provost since 2019 and director since 2016. He has served as an assistant professor of theology and Asian American studies since 2017. Serving in various leadership roles since 2010, he has been the key force behind the center and the Asian American Initiative before that.

Dr. Alexander Jun

Alexander Jun

Professor, Department of Higher Education, Azusa Pacific University; Ruling Elder, New Life Presbyterian Church (PCA).

Dr. Jun conducts research on equity and justice in higher education around the world. His publications include White Out: Understanding White Privilege and Dominance in the Modern Age; White Jesus: The Architecture of Racism in Religion and Education; and White Evolution: The Constant Struggle for Racial Consciousness. A ruling elder at New Life Presbyterian Church in Fullerton, California, he was elected moderator for the 45th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America in 2017.