Voices on Young People | Various Voices

Young People Illustration by Denise Klitsie (FULLER curated)

+ What can we learn from emerging adults? How do we discover the contexts where we will thrive? What gifts can children contribute to the life of the church? These are the kinds of questions three faculty members from Fuller Seminary lectured about at a gathering of people interested in the positive development of young people, and we’re happy to share their insights with you.

Steve Argue, assistant professor of youth, family, and culture, shares his research on the fraught relationship between emerging adulthood and the church and reframes the anxiety over “nones” as an opportunity for mutual transformation.
Pamela Ebstyne King, Peter L. Benson Associate Professor of Applied Developmental Science, lectures on the need for new leaders in the church who expand ministry contexts and the lifelong journey of thriving in the vocations to which God has called us.
Dave Scott, assistant professor of intercultural studies and children at risk, reflects on the kingdom of God through Christ’s teaching about children, arguing that children are not just the future of the church but have gifts to offer in the present.