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New Beginnings | Pamela Ebstyne King

Pamela Ebstyne King rests in the truth of Christ’s saving work—encouraging us to focus on what he has done for us over the things we might achieve for ourselves.


Does Paul’s Christ Require a Historical Adam?

Journey Home-painting-by Froyle-Neideck-1700x1231

The Center of Atonement


Finding the Right Words for Salvation in the Here and Now


Sacrifice and the Death of Christ

Vocation and Formation Retreat at Sierra Retreat Center

Christus Victor: The Salvation of God and the Cross of Christ


The Significance of the Cross in Latino/a Perspective


Fuller Seminary professor García-Johnson traces historically a Latino/a perspective on the cross: conquest & suffering, glory, liberation, and mestizaje.


Historical Reflections on Substitutionary Atonement