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When Faith and Politics Collide | Jim Wallis

Drawing from his 2008 book The Great Awakening, Jim Wallis preaches on the relationship between the American evangelical church and politics in the early 2000s.

Fuller Sermons Bill Pannell

The Power of the Cross | William E. Pannell

William E. Pannell reflects on the relationship between power, politics, and our Christian faith.

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The Political is Personal: Mary as a Parent and Prophet of Righteousness

Erin Dufault-Hunter, associate professor of Christian ethics, reflects on the story of Mary and the way God’s kingdom transforms every aspect of our lives—the political and the personal.

Francis Collins

Faith, Science, and Public Health, with Francis Collins

Francis Collins discusses his experience at the intersections of faith, science, politics, government, and public health—talking also about the COVID-19 pandemic and other areas of research.

Shane Claiborne

A Jesus-Centered Faith, with Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne reflects on what it looks like to follow Jesus in the United States today—discussing policies and issues of gun violence, racial justice, and the death penalty.

Jim Wallis

Faith and Justice, with Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis shares about his journey of following Jesus and discusses the sin of voter suppression, racism as idolatry, and the ways our theology should recalibrate our sociology.

Justin Giboney

The Gospel in a Polarized World, with Justin Giboney

Justin Giboney speaks about navigating our polarized society not with an either/or mentality but a both/and approach that frames our decisions in the gospel rather than political ideologies.

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Republican Karaoke and Other Tales from the Iowa House of Representatives

Lindsay James (MDiv ’07), State Representative for Iowa House District 99, Dubuque, shares glimpses of what it’s like to reach across the aisle

Alexia Salvatierra

Response | Alexia Salvatierra on Immigration Reform and Integral Mission


In response to Richard Flory’s lecture “City of Dreams,” Alexia Salvatierra, assistant professor of integral mission and global transformation, talks about what we can learn from LA’s recent history of immigration reform.

migration iin missological perspective

Migration in Missiological Perspective

At Fuller’s 2020 Missiology Lectures, scholars took a deep dive into Los Angeles’s unique history and culture to explore wider issues of migration, transnationalism, and interfaith engagement through a missiological perspective.

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Looking Back on 2020: One Pastor’s Hopeful Letter from the Future

Pastor and speaker Albert Tate pens an imaginary “letter from the future” describing “those disciples who rose up and made a difference” amidst the political turmoil of the year 2020

Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams-Skinner on Power and Prayer

Barbara Williams-Skinner, CEO and co-founder of the Skinner Leadership Institute and co-convener of the National African American Clergy Network, shares about her multifaceted work in pursuit of systemic justice and equity—and the need for prayer through it all.

Brad Strawn

Brad Strawn on Anxiety in the Political Sphere

In the wake of Election Day, Brad Strawn, Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of the Integration of Psychology and Theology, discusses navigating our anxiety and fear while moving toward emotional regulation and empathy.

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Democracy, “The Problem of Minorities,” and the Theology of the Common Good

Sebastian C. H. Kim, assistant provost for the Korean Studies Center and professor of theology and public life, considers how the theology of common good centers our political concerns on the well-being of minorities in our society

Brad Strawn

Brad Strawn on Psychology and Public Life

Brad Strawn, Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of the Integration of Psychology and Theology, talks about mental health, psychological stress, self-differentiation, and emotional regulation in the context of a divisive political climate.

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The Church at Table: Being Sisters and Brothers Even When We Disagree

Kurt Fredrickson, associate dean for the Doctor of Ministry and Continuing Education and associate professor of pastoral ministry, describes the transformative and uniting power of the Lord’s Table

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If Any of Us Suffer: Building a Bridge Over the Partisan Divide

Alexia Salvatierra, assistant professor of integral mission and global transformation, writes about how Christian identity and mission provide common ground for Christians on different sides of the political divide

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The Hope and the Horror: Reflections for an Election Year

Richard Beck, professor and chair of the Department of Psychology at Abilene Christian University, explores the rise of affective polarization in the American landscape and considers how we might lean into our faith as a response

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Why Am I So Angry? Lessons from the Therapy Office for Talking Politics

Brad D. Strawn, Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of the Integration of Psychology and Theology, reflects on the politically-driven anger he’s witnessed in the therapy room and asks how we might better love our neighbors amidst politically divisive times

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Social Drama: Poetics and Politics

Maria Fee, director of Brehm Cascadia, shows how the arts can inspire Christian liturgies of reconciliation—fostering people’s connections with their neighbors and with God

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Joy Netanya Thompson, communications senior editor, introduces the theme of this special issue: politics