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Amidst Wolves | Elizabeth Hogsten

Elizabeth Hogsten preaches about the power of truth-telling against oppression and the light of God that shines amidst darkness.

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“How Long, O Lord?” | Zac Niringiye

Bishop Zac Niringiye preaches a message of hope amidst despair, pointing to the God who is sovereign and enthroned above all.

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Disorientation and Reorientation | Brad Strawn

Brad Strawn reflects on a psalm of lament and on how disorientation—in community and with God—is a crucial part of our journeys of faith and of our time in seminary in particular.

Cynthia Eriksson

Trauma-Informed Ministry: The Psalms As a Unique Part of Trauma Recovery

In the fifth of six videos on “Trauma-Informed Ministry,” Cynthia Eriksson looks at the lamentations in the Scriptures and how such expressions are part of our recovery and our relationship with God.


Q&A | Robert Emmons, Amos Yong, and Rebecca Baer

Robert Emmons, Amos Yong, and Rebecca Baer discuss the relationships gratitude has with lament, trauma, and escapism, in a Q&A moderated by Brad D. Strawn.

Hannah Che

Response | Hannah Che on Gratitude and Suffering

Hannah Che considers the dynamics between Christian gratitude and suffering, lament, and pain, through a particular Korean cultural lens.

Robert Emmons

The Science and Spirit of Gratefulness

Robert Emmons, alongside Fuller scholars and practitioners, delves into the science of gratitude and the ways it shapes our relationship with one another, with God, and with the wider natural world.

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The Prayers of the Marginalized | Soong-Chan Rah

Soong-Chan Rah preaches that, amidst the world’s suffering, our lives and the life of the church should be guided by the lament of the broken and hurting.

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“Why, O Lord?” | Jenelle D’Alessandro

Jenelle D’Alessandro preaches on the story of Hagar and encourages us about God’s redemptive and comforting presence in spaces of suffering and pain.

Alexis Missiology Response

Alexis Abernethy on Pain and Lament

In a conversation moderated by Amos Yong, Warren Brown and Brad Strawn discuss the dynamics of extended cognition in embodied religious experiences, practices, and communities

Sand by Dea Jenkins

Hope-filled Discipleship for Today’s Young People

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Divine Assignment | Sonja Dawson


Sonja Dawson, head pastor of New Mt. Calvary Church, preaches on the grace God provides for our divine callings and on our need to be open to however God might use us.

Grief Beach

The Role of Mindfulness in the Midst of Pain: the Importance of Present-Focus Attention


Joey Fung, associate professor of psychology, encourages practicing mindfulness as we experience seasons of pain—cultivating our awareness of God’s presence in our day to day lives.

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Honesty and Dissonance | Aaron Dorsey


Aaron Dorsey (MAT ’18), communications inclusion liaison, speaks about Psalm 44 and what it looks like to honestly lament before and wait on God—even when we cannot believe in God’s goodness.

Tree Fear Hope

A Shared Story of Future Hope


Scott Cormode, Hugh De Pree Professor of Leadership Development, writes about innovating towards a hopeful future for the church, while holding to the constants and traditions of the faith.

Teesha and John

Black and White

andre climbing

Making the Invisible Visible: Prophetic Drama and Social Change

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The Shepherd’s Love | Mark Labberton


Mark Labberton, president of Fuller Seminary, speaks about God’s promise to be protector of the vulnerable, as the decision on the DACA policy heads to the US Supreme Court.

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Digital Neighbors | Nelson Kiamu


Nelson Kiamu, PhD student in the School of Intercultural Studies, asks what it looks like for us to share the love of Christ and be good digital neighbors in this current age.

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Lament and God’s Goodness | Kutter Callaway


Kutter Callaway, associate professor of theology and culture, considers new ways for us to bear witness to God’s goodness in a world where there is so much to lament.

Denise Klitsie illustration of poetry

The Catastrophic Poetry of the Cross