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Fuller Sermons

A Life of Pilgrimage | Joshua Choonmin Kang

Joshua Choonmin Kang reflects on the life of Abraham—and the work God does at the boundaries—as a model of faithful living for immigrants and the Korean diaspora.

Hannah Che

Response | Hannah Che on Gratitude and Suffering

Hannah Che considers the dynamics between Christian gratitude and suffering, lament, and pain, through a particular Korean cultural lens.

Robert Emmons

The Science and Spirit of Gratefulness

Robert Emmons, alongside Fuller scholars and practitioners, delves into the science of gratitude and the ways it shapes our relationship with one another, with God, and with the wider natural world.

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The Korean Church and the Body of Christ, with Sebastian C. H. Kim

Sebastian C. H. Kim, academic dean for Fuller’s Korean Center, talks about the dynamics of influence between the Korean and the American churches, as well as the transformation of the global church in an increasingly interconnected world.

From Proud Suffering Alone To Humble Suffering With

Shalom (detail)

Shalom as the Dual Approach of Peacemaking and Justice-Seeking: The Case of South Korea


On Apples, Ecclesiology, and Hope: One View of the Korean American Church

Portrait of Fuller Seminary student Jongjin Park

The Fruits of Egypt


Toward a New Chapter of Korean Evangelicalism

Portrait of Fuller Seminary professor Hak Joon Lee

Lessons from Martin Luther King Jr.