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Benediction: 100 Miles

Alumni Mark Finney and Kutter Callaway reflect on their experience of participating in a World Relief fundraiser and on our role to be prophetic witnesses in a world where the number of displaced people continues to increase.

Soong-Chan Rah

Soong-Chan Rah on Generational Dynamics in the Church

Soong-Chan Rah examined the sociocultural factors at play across generations within immigrant churches—with a specific look at the Asian North American church.

Sunko Lin and Timothy Park

Response | Sunoko Lin and Timothy Park on Asian Immigrant Churches

In response to Soong-Chan Rah’s lecture “Navigating the Generations,” delivered at the 2012 Missiology Lectures, Sunoko Lin and Timothy K. Park discussed the generational divides in Asian Immigrant churches.

Soong-Chan Rah

Theologies of the Multicultural Church

At the 2012 Missiology Lectures, Soong-Chan Rah spoke about our need to develop cultural competency to address the changes in ethnoracial diversity in the world and in the church.

Fuller Sermons

When God Calls | Jaewoo Kim

Jaewoo Kim, reflecting on refugee and immigrant experiences, speaks about rooting ourselves in Christ when we are forced or called into new places, cultures, and relationships.

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Dignidad Más Allá del Estatus

Formada por la historia de migración de su propia familia, Rosa Cándida Ramírez sirve fielmente a su comunidad local de inmigrantes

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Dignity Beyond Status

Shaped by her own family’s story of migration, Rosa Cándida Ramírez faithfully serves her local immigrant community

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Introduction: Migration

Kirsteen Kim, Paul E. Pierson Chair in World Christianity and associate dean for the Center for Missiological Research, introduces this issue’s theme: migration

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Migration and the Prophets

Carly Crouch, David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament, examines how displacement in the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel shapes our theology of God’s relationship to God’s people

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COVID-19, ICE, and the Betrayal of Latino Children

Lisseth Rojas-Flores, associate professor of clinical psychology, writes about the trauma inflicted on Latino youth by both the pandemic and the immigration system, as well as the Christian responsibility to work toward change


Recognizing Stranger Angels: Challenging Territorial Impulses

Alexia Salvatierra, assistant professor of mission and global transformation, calls on us to develop grace-full impulses—and to overcome our territorial impulses—to love the strangers in our midst

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Migration Amidst Social and National Distancing: A Barrier or Opportunity for Mission During a Global Pandemic?

Martin Munyao, lecturer at Daystar University in Nairobi, reflects on the pandemic’s impact on migrant communities and the need to rethink missions and ministry in a socially distant world

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Migration in World Christianity: Hospitality, Pilgrimage, and Church on the Move

Kirsteen Kim, Paul E. Pierson Chair in World Christianity and associate dean for the Center for Missiological Research, reflects on the theology of hospitality and its need to be reimagined in light of a theology of migration

Alexia Salvatierra

Response | Alexia Salvatierra on Immigration Reform and Integral Mission


In response to Richard Flory’s lecture “City of Dreams,” Alexia Salvatierra, assistant professor of integral mission and global transformation, talks about what we can learn from LA’s recent history of immigration reform.

Alexia Salvatierra and Richard Flory

Q&A | Richard Flory and Alexia Salvatierra


Richard Flory and Alexia Salvatierra discuss LA’s history of immigration, religion, and culture in a Q&A moderated by Kirsteen Kim.

Lisseth Rojas-Flores

Q&A | Lisseth Rojas-Flores


Lisseth Rojas-Flores discusses migration, cultural violence, and the church’s role in immigration policy in a Q&A moderated by Kirsteen Kim.

Giocchino Campese

Gioacchino Campese on Catholicity


In his lecture “Catholicity: Migration, Religion, and World Christianity,” Gioacchino Campese, professor of the theology of human mobility at Pontifical Urbaniana University, considers the church’s eschatological call toward catholicity in the context of our changing and globalized world.

Cecil Robeck and Giocchino Campese

Q&A | Gioacchino Campese and Cecil M. Robeck Jr.


Gioacchino Campese and Cecil M. Robeck Jr. discuss missions, ecumenism, and world Christianity in a Q&A moderated by Alexia Salvatierra.

Zayn Kassam

Zayn Kassam on Muslim Migration in the United States


In her lecture “Faith Resources: Muslim Migration to Los Angeles,” Zayn Kassam, John Knox MacLean Professor of Religious Studies at Pomona College, speaks about the positive influence of Muslim migrant communities in the US, even against the oppressive American realities of racism of Islamophobia.

Matthew Kaeminck

Response | Matthew Kaemingk on Sustainable Hospitality


In response to Zayn Kassam’s lecture “Faith Resources: Muslim Migration to Los Angeles,” Matthew Kaemingk, assistant professor of Christian ethics, considers what is required for our communities to cultivate and sustain the virtues of hospitality and neighborly love—particularly against xenophobia and white supremacy.


Panel | Faith-Based Responses to the Immigration Crisis


Isaac Cuevas, Rabbi Aryeh Cohen, Salam Al-Marayati, and Nancy Yuen discuss responses to the immigration crisis from interfaith and interdisciplinary perspectives in this panel discussion moderated by Alexia Salvatierra.