Creation Care

More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life


An Alternative Narrative of Climate Change: Against Fear, Survivalism, and Over-securitization

Kyong-Jin Lee, associate professor of Old Testament studies, resists contemporary apocalyptic narratives of climate change and considers instead a perspective of hope.

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Healing the Environment through Economics

Wayne Park, chancellor of Fuller Texas, reflects on how Christians might lead the way in guiding corporations and industries in a redemptive stewardship of creation.

Fuller Sermons

Ceremonial Anamnesis | Kenneth Wallace Jr.

Kenneth Wallace Jr. preaches about the relationship between creator and creation and about our role in restoring creation and leading it in worship to God.

Andrew Steer

Healing the Natural World, with Andrew Steer

Andrew Steer talks about working against environmental damage and climate change and about caring for God’s creation as a form of discipleship.

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The Beloved Community: Environmental Injustice as a Threat to Justice Everywhere

Fuller students reflect on God’s good intentions for creation and on our responsibility to pursue justice for the whole created world.

Robert Emmons

Robert Emmons on Gratitude in the Face of Climate Change


Robert Emmons reflects on our capacity for gratitude to the natural world and how gratitude may help combat climate change.

Wilmer Villacorta

Response | Wilmer Villacorta on Divine Justice and our Common Home

Wilmer G. Villacorta meditates on how we have come to objectify others and how gratitude can be a step toward witnessing God’s shalom and justice in creation.

Bethany Ferguson

Response | Bethany Ferguson on Gratitude and Interconnectedness

Bethany Ferguson talks about our increasing disconnection to the environment and the need for a humble recognition of our interconnectedness.


Q&A | Robert Emmons and Wilmer G. Villacorta

Robert Emmons and Wilmer G. Villacorta discuss our loss of connection to the natural world and our need to both give thanks to the earth and give thanks to God for it, in a Q&A moderated by Brad D. Strawn.

Robert Emmons

The Science and Spirit of Gratefulness

Robert Emmons, alongside Fuller scholars and practitioners, delves into the science of gratitude and the ways it shapes our relationship with one another, with God, and with the wider natural world.

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Caring for Our Shared Places, with Tommy Givens

Tommy Givens, associate professor of New Testament, talks about the ways we ought to know and care for the places in which we live—and how doing so is a key aspect of our discipleship.

Miroslav Volf

Miroslav Volf on The World as God’s Home

Miroslav Volf reflects on God’s mission to make God’s home in the world and among the wholeness of creation and all its creatures.

2021 MIssiology Lectures

The Mission of Health

At Fuller’s 2021 Missiology Lectures, practitioners and scholars from around the world explore the church’s role in forming healthy individuals, families, and communities across the globe and throughout history.

Willie Jennings

Doctrines of Creation

Willie Jennings, alongside other voices, calls for a doctrine of creation shaped by a shared, Christ-centered vision of dwelling and belonging for all.

Willie Jennings

Willie Jennings on Shared Perceiving

In his lecture “The Path of Shared Perceiving,” Willie Jennings speaks of how a Christian doctrine of creation requires a shared work, between Jewish and Gentile believers, of perceiving a world of belonging and interconnectedness with all creatures.

Oscar Garcia-Johnson

Response | Oscar García-Johnson on De-Creation

In response to Willie Jennings’s lecture “The Path of Shared Perceiving,” Oscar García-Johnson says a deconstruction of our current doctrines of creation is the needed beginning for a new Christian vision of creation.

Veli-Matti Karkkainen

Response | Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen on Looking Beyond Humanity

In response to Willie Jennings’s lecture “The Path of Shared Perceiving,” Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen proposes a more cosmic doctrine of creation that resists an overly anthropocentric focus.

Veli-Matti Karkkainen Willie Jennings, Oscar Garcia-Johnson Scott Cormode

Q&A | Willie Jennings, Oscar García-Johnson, and Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen

Willie Jennings, Oscar García-Johnson, and Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen discuss history, place, and listening to the spirit, in a Q&A moderated by Scott Cormode.

Willie Jennings

Willie Jennings on Building Home

In his lecture “Perceiving, Dwelling, and Creating Communion,” Willie Jennings warns against commodification and objectification, and looks to how we might move toward a life of communion and reciprocity.

Sebastian Kim

Response | Sebastian Kim on Newness and Creation

In his response to Willie Jennings’s lecture “Perceiving, Dwelling, and Creating Communion,” Sebastian Kim hopes for a more expansive doctrine of creation that draws on the wisdom of eco-feminist theology and looks to the interconnectedness of all creatures in the created world.

Mark Lau Branson

Response | Mark Lau Branson on Alterity

In his response to Willie Jennings’s lecture “Perceiving, Dwelling, and Creating Communion,” Mark Lau Branson reflects on how we must perceive the creator and creation through the many eyes of others in order to dwell in communion and reciprocity.