More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Amy Drennan and Brad Strawn

Leading Difficult Conversations

Amy Drennan and Brad D. Strawn consider how our own work of self-regulation can help hold space for others who are anxious and dysregulated in polarized and contentious contexts.

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Then and Now | Steven Argue

Steven Argue preaches about our call to love, and about how such love is formed as we look back to our past, live in our present, and look ahead in the future.

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The Way of Love | Soong-Chan Rah

Soong-Chan Rah preaches about how we are called to extend the love of God to one another—and about what this love might look like in our communities today.

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Love in Action | Alexis Abernethy

Alexis Abernethy cautions us against getting caught up in cycles of hate and encourages us to move toward faithful and communal love for others.

Mark Finney

When Refugees Thrive, We All Thrive

Through the work of his Spokane-based nonprofit, Mark Finney desires to see refugees and their communities flourish.

Jarrett Keith

Coming Home

Drawing from his own testimony of encountering God’s transforming hope in prison, Jarret Keith engages in the crucial work of reentry discipleship and ministry to the incarcerated church.

Raul Sandoval

Outside Looking In

On an unexpected path to seminary and ministry, Raul Sandoval finds a new sense of belonging and vocational purpose in Los Angeles, the city he calls home.

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To Be Seen and to Be Loved | W. David O. Taylor

David Taylor preaches on the way God sees and loves us, pouring his grace on us, and on the ways we might in turn see one another with love.

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Generativity and Healing | Cedric Williams

Cedric Williams reflects on the risky work of healing and generativity, which requires us to step into the pain, with the help of others, to piece together what’s been broken.

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Telling a Truer Story | David Wang

Reflecting on the book of Hosea, David Wang preaches a message on God’s love and on a healing journey which holds both brokenness and beauty.


Local Expressions of Evangelism and Justice

In a panel discussion, Mayra Macedo-Nolan, Jean Burch, Marcos Canales, and Jill Shook discuss models of embodied evangelism, with a particular look at their local context of Pasadena, California.

Vintoh Ramachandra

Apologetics and Evangelism Through a Global Lens

In his lecture “Apologetics and Evangelism Through a Global Lens,” delivered at the 2023 Missiology Lectures, Vinoth Ramachandra describes how the church’s witness and apologetics cannot be separated from its ethics and works of justice.

Ryan Bolger

Response | The Lifestyle of the Apologist

In response to Vinoth Ramachandra’s lectures on “Apologetics and Evangelism Through a Global Lens,” Ryan Bolger describes the way and witness of the “pilgrim apologist,” who postures themselves in humility and in unity with the other.

Michal Meulenberg

The Incarcerated Church: Introduction

At the 2023 Lectures, Michal Meulenberg introduces the topic and presentations on reconstructing our understanding of evangelism among incarcerated people.

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We Are Bound Together | David Emmanuel Goatley

David Emmanuel Goatley reflects on how a communal sense of identity is central to our Christian faith and to the ways we approach Jesus.

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An Invitation to Healing | Andrea Cammarota

Andrea Cammarota reflects on the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman and on the gospel work of bringing healing to the world together.

Andrew Hanauer

Against Toxic Polarization, with Andrew Hanauer

Andrew Hanauer describes the work of bridging the deep divides in American politics, the church, and faith communities more broadly.

kevin nye walking

The Key Is Proximity

As he works with and advocates for people experiencing homelessness, Kevin Nye (MDiv ’16) calls the church into hopeful, mutually transformative community with unhoused people.

Luann Pannell

Formation and Resiliency in Law Enforcement, with Luann Pannell

Luann Pannell discusses mental health and training in law enforcement and shares about her two decades of work with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Ben McBride

The Urgent Work of Radical Belonging, with Ben McBride

Ben McBride talks with Mark about his new book, Troubling the Water: The Urgent Work of Radical Belonging, which outlines his journey and work in the “kill zone” in Oakland, CA.

Mark Labberton

Holistic Formation

Mark Labberton explores how the church can walk alongside and into people’s lives for the purpose of holistic formation on a personal and societal level.