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White Supremacy and the Doctrine of Sin

This week on Centering, the Asian American Christian podcast, Dr. Daniel D Lee and Dr. Alexander Jun talk about sin, supremacy, and salvation.   In the face of systems that harm and hurt God’s creation, how can Asian American Christians receive and share in a holistic salvation? Centering is produced by Jason Chu, engineered by Alexander Catedral, with music by Mark Redito

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Mary and our Matriarchs | Gabriel J. Catanus

Gabriel J. Catanus speaks on how remembering and honoring the stories of our matriarchs helps us understand who we are and the Spirit’s ongoing work in us.

What IS Critical Race Theory?

Welcome back to Centering! This season is a series of conversations on “Race and Grace” between Dr. Daniel D. Lee and Dr. Alex Jun. We kick off this season with a conversation about Critical Race Theory: what is it, why does it make so many people so angry, and what do Asian American Christians need to know about it? Centering is produced by Jason Chu, edited by Alexander Catedral, with music by Mark Redito  

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Decolonizing Psychology, Research, and Practice: An Asian American Perspective

Jenny Pak, associate professor of psychology, writes about her experience working in and with Asian American communities and the need for decolonized, culturally competent psychological theories and practices.

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Setting a Table of Belonging | Hyepin Im

Hyepin Im delivers a message for Asian Pacific American Heritage month on mutuality and partnership in the face of systems that dehumanize and marginalize.

Soong-Chan Rah

Soong-Chan Rah on Generational Dynamics in the Church

Soong-Chan Rah examined the sociocultural factors at play across generations within immigrant churches—with a specific look at the Asian North American church.

Sunko Lin and Timothy Park

Response | Sunoko Lin and Timothy Park on Asian Immigrant Churches

In response to Soong-Chan Rah’s lecture “Navigating the Generations,” delivered at the 2012 Missiology Lectures, Sunoko Lin and Timothy K. Park discussed the generational divides in Asian Immigrant churches.

Soong-Chan Rah

Theologies of the Multicultural Church

At the 2012 Missiology Lectures, Soong-Chan Rah spoke about our need to develop cultural competency to address the changes in ethnoracial diversity in the world and in the church.

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Hope for Home | Thien Dang

Thien Dang shares his testimony of navigating placelessness, yearning for belonging, and growing to understand what it means to experience home.

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

Is There Room in Evangelicalism for Asian Americans?

As American society undergoes historic shifts of public identity and conversation, Evangelicalism is changing along with it. Is there space in contemporary Evangelicalism for Asian Americans? Professor Daniel D. Lee joins Tim and Jane for this season’s final episode to discuss the varied and complicated future of Asian American Christianity and its relationship with evangelicalism

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

A Silent Exodus: The Death of Asian American Churches?

In 1996, Helen Lee called the trend of 2nd-generation Korean Americans leaving their ethnic churches a “silent exodus”. This week, she joins us to discuss how many Asian Americans and their ethnic churches continue to wrestle with cultural, theological, and social tensions. (Ed. note: This podcast was prerecorded on 1/8/21)

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

Native Hawaiians: Independence and Christianity

In 1893, a group of White Americans forcibly overthrew the Kingdom of Hawaii. Today, the Hawaii Independence movement continues to resist US colonial occupation. Leon Siu, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Ke Aupuni O Hawaii (the Hawaiian Kingdom) and Director of Christian Voice of Hawaii joins Centering to speak on faith and freedom in Hawaii.

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

The History and Future of South Asian American Christianity

South Asian Americans have a storied history of Christian faith. The Apostle Thomas brought the gospel to the southwestern coast of India in AD 52, and the Mar Thoma church continues as a source of faith and tradition for many diasporic Indian communities. This week, Sam George, Catalyst of the Lausanne Movement and Director of Global Diaspora Institute at Wheaton College BGC, joins Jane and Tim to talk about the ongoing experiences of South Asian… Read more »

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

The History of Filipino American Christianity

Since the 90s, Filipino Americans have been the 2nd largest Asian American population – but are often overlooked in the “Asian American” conversation. Asian American scholar Dr. Melissa Borja joins Jane and Tim to speak on the distinctive history and religious life of Filipino Americans.

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

Becoming Refugee American: The Vietnamese Experience

Many Vietnamese Americans did not make a choice to come to the US – they were forced to leave their country by US imperialism and its widescale displacement, destruction, and death. Dr. Phuong Nguyen joins Tim and Jane this week to speak about the experiences, identity, and faith of the Vietnamese community.

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

The Asian American Feminist Trailblazer (Mabel Ping-Hua Lee)

100 years ago, Mabel Ping-Hua Lee rode a horse through the streets of New York, fighting for women’s right to vote. She was also a Christian leader who bought a Chinatown church and fought against racism and sexism in her denomination. Professor Grace May joins Tim and Jane to share about the life of this incredible Asian American Christian leader.

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

From Concentration Camps to Civil Rights (Roy Sano)

Bishop Roy Sano was incarcerated with other Japanese Americans during World War II, led the fight for a distinct Asian American voice in the United Methodist Church, and directed the groundbreaking work of PACTS, the Pacific and Asian American Center for Theologies and Strategies. This week, Bishop Sano joins Tim and Jane to share his lived insights on Asian American Christian history.

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

Is There Room for Us in Racial Justice? (Yuri Kochiyama)

Activist Yuri Kochiyama held Malcolm X as he died. A Sunday School teacher, American concentration camp survivor, and activist leader, she’s best known for her lifetime of work dedicated to justice and liberation. This week on Centering, ethicist Dr. Grace Kao joins Jane and Tim to reflect on how Yuri’s Christian upbringing grounded her organizing, and provides a model for Asian American Christians engaging in racial justice.

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

Why Care About Asian American Christian History?

We’re back! This season, historians Dr. Tim Tseng and Professor Jane Hong are guiding us through several key topics drawn from Asian American Christian history. In this first episode, they start with a foundational question: why should anyone – whether Asian Americans or Christians – care about such a specific field?

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Where God Meets Us: Four Approaches to Asian American Origins and Theology

Daniel D. Lee, academic dean for the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry, explores four types of Asian American histories and the ways God might be uniquely encountered in each

Rebecca Kim

Rebecca Y. Kim on Asian American Christianity


In her lecture “Making Their Mark: Asian Americans and the Californian ‘Christian’ Landscape,” Rebecca Y. Kim, Frank R. Seaver Chair of Social Science and director of the ethnic studies program at Pepperdine University, speaks about the impact made by Asian American Christians on the American church, despite the historic challenges of systemic exclusion and discrimination they faced and continue to face.