RS Podcast 006 – Die Hard and The General

Die Hard set an action movie standard that has been followed ever since, but it wasn’t the first movie to feature a fallible hero stading against a villainous group holding his true love hostage.

SIxty-two years earlier, a similarly sly star, Buster Keaton, set his special skills against hostage takers in one of the most thrilling action films of all time – The General.

On this week’s Reel Spirituality podcast, RS Co-Director Elijah Davidson is joined by special guest host, Richard Goodwin, to discuss true devotion as explified in Die Hard and The General. To what lengths will a person go to prove their love? What lengths are appropriate? Are there things we should and shouldn’t do for love?

On the next episode of the podcast, we’ll be comparing the crowd-pleasing, ensemble-starring, Oscar winner Crash and the Italian Neorealism, very simple story once declared the greatest movie ever made, Bicycle Thieves.

As always, we invite you to watch both films ahead of time and join with us as we consider cities, citizenship, and the place of sentimentality in film.

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