RS Podcast 002 – The Expendables and Munyurangabo

One is contemplative, deliberate, and open ended. The other features a man being blown in half in its opening minutes. One stars Kinyarwandan speaking Rwandan amateurs. The other stars some of the biggest names in B-movie action flicks of the past three decades. One is the darling of Cannes. The other is campy.

They are Munyurangabo and The Expendables, and they are both the subject of this week’s Reel Spirituality podcast.

What do these two movies have in common, if anything, and what theological ore might be mined from these very different cinematic experiences? Listen to the podcast to find out!

On the next episode of the podcast, we’ll be comparing Pixar’s tale of rat turned chef, Ratatouille, and the Korean modern masterpiece, Poetry. We invite you to watch them ahead of time, listen in to our conversation, and leave your take on the films in the comments.

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