RS Podcast 015 – Modern Times, Playtime, and Babe: Pig in the City

Modernity. Post-modernity. Industrialization. Post-Industrialization. Captialism. Communism. Big box. Boutique. City. Country. Umm… city again. Tramps. Tourists. Sheep pigs.

What do they all have in common? They’re all featured in this week’s episode of the Reel Spirituality Podcast.

Modern Times, Playtime, and Babe: Pig in the City are three very different films from three very different eras of cinematic history. All are ambitious. All are harrowing and heartwarming. All were box office disappointments when they were originally released, but now enjoy high esteem many years later. Most importantly for our purposes, all three films deal with odd balls trying to find a place in seemingly overwhelming times.

Are we all simply cogs in the wheels of history, simply tourists passing bewilderingly through modern life, out of place players in a post-modern drama we’ll never really understand? Or is there something distinctly human, magnificent, and special about each of us that makes us more than products of our times? Are we made for some higher purpose? Listen in, and consider these questions and more with us.

On the next episode of the Reel Spirituaity Podcast, we’ll consider the varying perspectives on persepective offered by Rashomon and Blow Out. As always, we invite you to watch ahead, listen, and talk back either in the comments, via email, on Twitter or Facebook, or using some other form of communication common to our (post)modern world.

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