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Love Sechrest at the Missiology Lectures

Waking Up on the Wrong Side of Empire | Love Sechrest

Love Sechrest, associate professor of New Testament, lectures on structural racism and lessons within Romans and Revelations for resisting empire.

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Russell Jeung

Finding Jesus Among Refugees and the Undocumented | Russell Jeung

Russell Jeung, professor of Asian American studies at San Francisco State University, shares stories from his own family history to develop a lived theology of exile.

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Estrelda Alexander, MLK Lectures

Making His Dream Our Dream | Estrelda Alexander

Estrelda Alexander, president of William Seymour College, lectures on the meaning of Martin Luther King’s life and examines how much of his dream has come true—and how much has still been deferred.

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Andrew Draper

The End of “Mission”: Christian Witness and the Decentering of Whiteness | Andrew T. Draper

Andrew T. Draper, assistant professor of theology and director of the Honors Guild at Taylor University, explores the repentance necessary to de-center “whiteness”

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Andrea Smith

Indigenizing Salvation | Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith, director of graduate studies in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of California at Riverside, offers an indigenous interpretation of race and mission.

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Pressing Past Racialization in the De-Colonial Missionary Context | Jonathan Tran

Jonathan Tran, associate professor of theology and ethics at Baylor University, discusses racism and the Asian American experience.

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Elizabeth Conde-Frazier

Siempre lo Mismo: Theology, Rhetoric, and Broken Praxis | Elizabeth Conde-Frazier

Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, academic dean and vice president of education at Esperanza College of Eastern University, lectures on broken praxis, racism, and theological education.

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Willie Jennings at the Missiology Lectures

Can “White” People Be Saved: Reflections on Missions and Whiteness | Willie Jennings

Willie Jennings, associate professor of systematic theology and Africana studies at Yale Divinity School, discusses “whiteness,” geography, and theology.

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Very Large Array (FULLER curated)

The Myth of the Science and Religion Wars | Nancey Murphy

Nancey Murphy, senior professor of Christian philosophy, reflects on the coexistence of faith and science and why it matters for the church today.

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Lisa Sharon Harper (FULLER curated)

The Gospel, Governance, and Shalom | Lisa Sharon Harper

Lisa Sharon Harper, chief church engagement officer for Sojourners, lectures on political context of Genesis and the gospels, a theology of shalom, and the kingdom of God.

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Keiko at the tea ceremony

Tea and Communion | Mako Fujimura and Keiko Yanaka

Keiko Yanaka, of Omotesenke School of Japanese Tea Ceremony, and Mako Fujimura, director of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts, discuss tea ceremonies and communion.

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Stephen Sandage at the Integration Symposium (3)

The Trinity, Trauma, and Triangles | Steven Sandage

Steven Sandage lectures on Trinitarian theology and human relationships, how therapy can create crucibles for transformation, and the importance of being present with people in the midst of their pain.

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Stephen Sandage at the Integration Symposium (2)

Diversity and Justice in Healing | Steven Sandage

Steven Sandage lectures on the complex relationships among theology, racism and social hierarchies, and the capacity to empathize with the Other.

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Stephen Sandage at the Integration Symposium

Relational Integration and Psychotherapy: A Differentiation-Based Approach | Steven Sandage

Steven Sandage reflects on the integration of psychology and theology and applies it to theories of spirituality, power, differentiation.

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Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray (I'll Push You)

I’ll Push You | Various Voices

Bethany McKinney Fox, director of Student Services, and the filmmakers and subjects of I’ll Push You discuss lessons from a 500-mile pilgrimage.

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J Kameron Carter (Curated)

Naked in the Frequency: Christianity’s Post-Racial Blues | J. Kameron Carter

J. Kameron Carter explores a new language to discuss the complexities of whiteness, theology, and post-racial politics.

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Kameron Carter and Love Sechrest

A Conversation Between J. Kameron Carter and Love Sechrest

Love Sechrest and J. Kameron Carter have a conversation on race, discussing the language of possession, racial capitalism, and more.

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Hero Image for Neighbor

Neighbor | Various Voices

Neighbor explores loving our neighbors through the act of storytelling, pilgrimage, painful cultural histories, and more.

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Martin Accad (Missiology Lectures)

Challenging the Monochromatic View of Islam | Martin Accad

Martin Accad, the director of the Institute of Middle East Studies at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, lectures on the complex interplay among Islam, globalization, and social media.

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Phillip Jenkins (Missiology Lectures)

Current Global Trends in Islam | Philip Jenkins

Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History at the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University, lectures on Islam and globalization.

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Evelyne Reisacher lecturing at Missiology Lectures

Unity and Diversity in Islam | Evelyne Reisacher

Evelyne A. Reisacher, associate professor of Islamic studies and intercultural relations, lectures on the the diverse and complex lives of Muslim neighbors.

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