Meet Our Team

FULLER studio is indebted to Jeffrey Wright, board trustee and chief executive officer and president of Urban Ministries, who gave his time and talents alongside Fuller President Mark Labberton during the introductory phase of bringing the FULLER studio vision to life. In those early stages, they drew upon the talents of Kutter Callaway, assistant professor of theology and culture, and Chap Clark, professor of youth, family and culture, who spent considerable time during the initial envisioning phase. In spring of 2016, after the studio launch, Wright stepped down from his volunteer responsibilities. Lauralee Farrer, Fuller’s Storyteller and Chief Creative, provided design and oversight of the launch and continues to direct all creative content development and production in partnership with Vice President for Marketing, Communications, and Admissions Irene Neller, who oversees marketing, distribution, public relations, and administrative leadership. (Special thanks to Ben Brandt who designed and built the FULLER studio website.)

Lauralee Farrer and Irene Neller

Seminary Leadership

Mark Labberton, President
Joel B. Green, Provost and Dean of the School of Theology
Bill Clark, Chief of Strategy and Staff
Lenny Moon, Chief Financial Officer
Jon Yasuda, Vice President for Development
Irene Neller, Vice President for Communications, Marketing, Admissions


Lauralee Farrer, Storyteller and Chief Creative
Tamara Johnston McMahon
, Managing Editor and Senior Producer
Becky Still
, Senior Editorial Manager
Michael Wright
, Associate Editor
Jinna Jin, Translation Services Coordinator
Kathryn Sangsland
, Creative Services Project Manager

Video and Photography
Ron August Allchin, Supervising Producer
Patrick O’Neil Duff, Senior Editor and Post Production Supervisor
Nate Harrison, Senior Photographer and Storyteller
Jonathan Stoner, Photographer and Videographer

Brandon Hook, Graphic Designer
Randall Cole, Consultant
Denise Louise Klitsie, Principal Illustrator

Communications, Marketing, and Admissions 
Steve Smith, Executive Director of Admissions
Victoria Smith, Director of Events
Marcus Sun, Director of Marketing Strategy and Analytics
Marc Kennedy, Web Development and Analytics Administrator
An Nguyen, Data and Analytics Assistant
Aaron Dorsey, Executive Assistant

Information Technology

Jim Rispin, Director
Matt Lumpkin
, Assistant Director
Aaron Tracy
, Systems Administrator

FULLER studio prepares for story table on integration of psychology and theology

We prepare the table, the food, and get ready to capture “Story Table” for our guests