Jeffrey Overstreet and “The Rainbow Connection”

One of our guests at the 2011 Reel Spirituality conference was a very hoarse Jeffrey Overstreet. Jeff is an author of multiple books, and a frequent contributer to the Good Letters Blog at Image Journal, a publication based at Seattle Pacific University.

Jeff recently posted a two part series centered around one of his favorite films, The Muppet Movie, and the effect a film can have on an individual if they open themselves up to being changed. The series is wonderful. Follow these links to read the posts: Part 1 and Part 2

Reading the posts, I was reminded of a talk I saw Jeff give at the 2010 IAM Encounter conference in which he elaborated on the question “How Then Shall We Tell Stories?” I cried at the conference, and I cried a second time this morning listening to his speech once again. Enjoy.