Introduction to the Son of God Toolkit

As part of our ongoing study guide series, we have developed a collection of resources related to an upcoming film about the life of Jesus, Son of God. The film’s producer, Mark Burnett, is an outspoken Christian in Hollywood who produced the successful Bible series and numerous television programs such as The Voice, Survivor, and The Apprentice. Many churches are already planning on hosting screenings of the film prior to its release in theaters on February 28th. Burnett’s team has developed a number of resources for churches who are screening the film in their communities (

However, these Reel Spirituality resources have a uniquely Fuller focus: Interfaith dialogue.  Burnett is a friend of Fuller, so for this year’s Windrider Film Forum, which takes place each January alongside the Sundance Film Festival, we invited him to join us for an advance screening of Son of God … at the Park City Stake Center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. An audience of about 300 Evangelicals and Mormons watched the film together. Before the film our LDS hosts served us a delicious meal, and after the film we engaged in an inter-faith conversation about the importance of Jesus Christ for the world.

Because Reel Spirituality is committed to offering ministry leaders tools for engaging in thoughtful and substantive theological reflection, we are offering here a number of resources that might help you engage in a similar interfaith dialogue. While many churches will host a screening of the Son of God for the purposes of broad-based community outreach, it may be that your church is particularly called to reach out to other communities of faith—those that might not share a set of Evangelical convictions but still hold the person and work of Jesus as central to their identity. For anyone who embraces this calling for constructive dialogue, we hope these resources are both helpful and inspiring.