In the Room with Phil Chen and Jaeson Ma

+ Fuller Alumni Phil Chen, decentralized chief officer at HTC, and Jaeson Ma, serial entrepreneur, speak with the Fuller community about innovations in technology and how ethics, theology, and discipleship must continue to be shaped along with them.

“The original promise of the Internet was to make it accessible for everybody. And this Internet has been hijacked into owning people’s data. . . The Internet is in many senses very inaccessible, very censorship-non-resistant, and very manipulative. It’s all those things, right? And it’s become the manipulation machine. And so in that sense it’s completely inaccessible to the original promise of it.” – Phil Chen

“If you want to do God’s will, find out what God is doing and join him. God is at work. He’s moving. He’s moving in Bitcoin. He’s moving in AI. He’s moving in technological disruption. He’s moving in governments. He’s moving in the barrio. He’s moving everywhere. We gotta follow where the wave of the Spirit is moving.” – Jaeson Ma

Philemon Chen