MLK 2022

Dr. King’s Legacy and Lessons for the Modern Movement

Pastors and ministry leaders of the Black Church come together to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and reflect on what must be done to carry forward the movement for today’s generation.

“Freedom isn’t a destination; it’s a journey.”

Najuma Smith-Pollard
HB CHarles Jr.

H. B. Charles Jr. on the Coming Kingdom

H. B. Charles Jr. preaches from the Parable of the Weeds, which reminds us that the inevitable evils in this world cannot stop the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

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mlk 2022 panel

Panel | Pastoring in the Movement

Shep Crawford, Sonja Dawson, Michael Fisher, and Najuma Smith-Pollard discuss the most pressing needs in their communities and the ways in which God is calling the church to work, to lead, and to serve.

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HB Charles Jr.

H. B. Charles Jr. on the Ministry of the Word

In a conversation with Dwight Radcliff, H. B. Charles Jr. discusses the role of the pastor and of the church to faithfully engage and reach the world, with kingdom values and allegiance to Christ.

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panell sanjofa

The Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration is an annual event held by Fuller’s William E. Pannell Center for Black Church Studies. This year’s celebration centered on the theme “Lessons Learned for the Modern Movement” and was organized by Pannell Center Academic Dean Dwight Radcliff and others.