Divine Film Comedies

Alumnus and friend Terry Lindvall, the C. S. Lewis Chair of Communication and Christian Thought at Virginia Wesleyan College, has written a new book on film comedies with his colleague at Virginia Weslyan University, J. Dennis Bounds, and his son, Chris Lindvall. The book, Divine Film Comedies: Biblical Narratives, Film Sub-Genres, and the Comic Spirit, is appearing in Routledge’s Studies in Religion and Film series and is available now.

We were honored and delighted to find that Terry dedicated the book to Dr. Rob Johnston and Fuller Theological Seminary. The dedication reads:

Dedicated to the inspired guidance of Robert Johnston and Fuller Theological Seminary in bridging the worlds of film and Christian faith…

Thank you, Terry, and we hope your new book, like the rest of your scholarship, has a great impact on the discipline of theology and film and in the wider world.