Benjamin J. Houltberg

Theology Author

Benjamin Houltberg, formerly associate professor of human development, joined Fuller’s School of Psychology faculty in 2014, coming from Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne, where he served on the Department of Professional Studies faculty and coordinated the Couple and Family Counseling Program. Houltberg’s research focuses on three main themes: examining ways that family characteristics and parenting interact with other individual and contextual processes in relation to youth social and emotional development; assessing family socialization processes that shape emotion regulation and related behaviors; and understanding the role of emotion regulation and emotionality in spiritual and identity formation in youth. Given this background, his position at Fuller includes significant work with the Thrive Center for Human Development.

Recently, Houltberg has focused on emotional health of elite athletes in high-pressure contexts. This research has led to national and international research presentations and service. He continues to work with coaches and athletes from around the world to promote spiritual and emotional health in dealing with pressures to perform.

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