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prayer of examen

Prayer of Examen

The Prayer of Examen is a spiritual practice of reviewing the day to retune ourselves to the sacred in ordinary life. Usually lasting 15-20 minutes and done in the evening, the prayer prompts us to remember God’s presence, express gratitude, reflect on the day, and prepare for the day to… Read more »

Prayer of Examen (Worship and Art)

Prayer of Examen

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Albert Tate and Mark Labberton

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As ambassador of Fuller, Labberton takes the occasion of his travels to speak with a broad spectrum of leaders on issues at the intersection of theology and culture. It is Fuller’s practice to allow conversations with our guests to be uncensored as a gesture of engagement in civil dialogue-a value… Read more »

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Support the Work of FULLER studio By making a donation of any amount to FULLER studio this year, you can help join our mission to offer free resources for a deeply formed spiritual life. Your support will go toward creating resources like videos, podcasts, and FULLER magazine, touching on the… Read more »