135 RS Podcast SNIKT!

Alas, Logan is to be Hugh Jackman’s last time donning Wolverine’s claws. We think this last film featuring him is a good one, and it features more Christian imagry than you can shake an adamantium stick at. So we decided to sit down and have a chat about this movie, this character, and the franchise that features him. SNIKT!


Here’s the trailer for Logan featuring “Hurt” as sung by Johnny Cash:

Here is Elijah Davidson’s article on Logan, “Beating Claws Into Plowshares: Logan at the End of All Things.”

Here is Gary Ingle’s review of the film.

Here is the article we reference in the podcast from the AV Club, “A cross on its side: Logan gets religion” by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky.

And here is the Mark Millar-helmed comic series we discuss, Old Man Logan.

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