127 RS Podcast Ali, Taxi Driver, The Dark Knight

On this week’s Reel Spirituality Podcast, we continue our Story and Study segments in earnest by discussing the iconographic Ali and perhaps the most iconic superhero movie of all time—certainly the most iconic of the post-9/11 era—The Dark Knight, respectively. Also, in our Sizzle segment, Eugene Suen, Dan Long, and Elijah Davidson go deep on Taxi Driver after seeing as part of its 40th anniversary re-release.


You can find out if Taxi Driver is playing in a theater near you here.

Here are the trailers for Ali:

Taxi Driver:

And the teaser for The Dark Knight:

The music on this episode includes a clip from Sam Cooke’s iconic “A Change is Gonna Come” and a clip from “I’m Not a Hero,” a track on Hans Zimmer’s score for The Dark Knight.

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