103 RS Podcast Documentary Modes – F For Fake versus Gates of Heaven

Documentary theorist Bill Nichols proposes that there are six different documentary modes in cinema: the Observational, the Performative, the Poetic, the Expository, the Reflexive, and the Participatory. In our latest Reel Spirituality Podcast series, Avril Speaks and Elijah Davidson are comparing exceptional films particular to these documentary modes in hopes of deciding which mode is best at both exploring and communicating truth.

On this second episode, they compare Orson Wells’ playful and confounding F for Fake with Errol Morris’ equally confounding though sentimental Gates of Heaven. The first episode in this series compares Hoop Dreams with Night and Fog, and the second episode compares  Koyannisquatsi with The Central Park Five. Watch along and let us know which mode you find most truthful.

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