064 RS Podcast The Cosby Show

On The Cosby Show from the mid-1980s through the early-1990s, Bill Cosby’s fiction TV family, the Huxtables, redefined what a family looked like on television and no doubt contributed to a redefinition of the family in the culture at large.

On this episode of the Reel Spirituality Podcast, guest and self-proclaimed Cosby Show expert Avril Speaks and Reel Spirituality co-director Elijah Davidson discuss the show, it’s cultural impact, and the impact it had on both of their lives. Peel back the lid on a cup of JELLO pudding, and settle in for this trip down memory lane, and discover a few new things about this legendary sitcom.

The entire series is currently available on Hulu+. The episodes we re-watched to prepare for this podcast are:

S1, E1 – The Pilot
S1, E17 – Theo and the Joint
S2, E3 – Happy Anniversary 
S2, E4 –  Cliff In Love
S2, E22 – Theo’s Holiday
S3, E6 – The March
S3, E15 – Say Hello to a Good Buy
S3, E18 – You Only Hurt the One You Love
S3, E21 – I Know That You Know
S6, E1 – Denise: The Saga Continues
S6, E23 – Off to See The Wretched
S8, E24 – And So We Commence, Part 1
S8, E25 – And So We Commence, Part 2

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