053 RS Podcast The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 a worthwhile film on it’s own, or is it simply a set-up for yet another Spidey sequel? Why do Spider-Man’s biggest fans seem to these films’ worst enemies? Will we ever see a day when superhero films can be something other than summer blockbusters?

On this epsiode of the Reel Spirituality Podcast, we welcome film journalist Andrew Johnson (Film Geek Radio, Movie Mezzanine) to discuss the complexities (or lack thereof) in the latest installment in the Spider-Man movie franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and all things superhero spectacular.

On the episode, we mention a fan-made Venom film available to watch on YouTube. For your convenience, we’ve embedded the film, Adi Shankar’s Truth in Journalism, here.

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